Clover Cover Crop

Crimson clover have been used in forage applications for generations. Crimson clover is now recognized as one of the best cover crops available. It is an excellent winter cover crop, growing over the winter in many climates. Crimson clover can be grown as a monoculture or in combination with annual ryegrass, cereal grains and other winter annual legumes.

Crimson clover fixes nitrogen at an estimated rate of 50-150 pounds of N per acre while sustaining yield. Research suggests nitrogen from plant sources is more stable and less vulnerable to leaching into water sources than that from manufactured fertilizer. More than 95% of crimson clover seed in the United States is produced in western Oregon. This nitrogen fixing crop is now being promoted nationally for its functionality.

Benefits of using crimson clover as a cover crop include:

  • Nitrogen Fixation
  • Improve Soil Quality
  • Weed Suppression
  • Erosion Control
  • Atrracts Beneficial Insects
  • Builds Soil Organic Matter
  • Increases Moisture Holding Capacity
  • Reseeding potential in perennial systems

For detailed management information on using crimson clover as a cover crop
read this brochure (PDF).

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