• Oregon-Grown Clover

    Improve Soil Quality

  • Crimson clover is now recognized as one of the best cover crops available
  • Oregon-Grown Clover

    Forage Quality

  • When clovers are present, animal performance increases while expenses decreases
  • Oregon-Grown Clover

    Nitrogen Fixing

  • Clover is one of the best nitrogen fixing plants available


welcomeOregon is the source of world class clover seed for pasture, cover crops or simply for beautification around the house.

The state’s temperate climate and rich soils enable Oregon’s experienced clover seed producers to coax the finest qualities out of their crimson, red and white clover seeds, allowing end users to reap a variety benefits, whether that be high-value pasture feed, soil stabilization or nitrogen fixing qualities available in clovers.

Using clover as a key to a profitable forage program, watch our video.

Oregon-Grown Quality

Oregon clover farmers grow four main types of clover for seed production:
Red Clover, Crimson Clover, White Clover and Arrowleaf Clover.

  • Lower Nitrogen Fertilizer Costs
  • Improved Forage Quality
  • Extended Grazing Season in Pastures
  • Increased Forage Yield
  • Reduced Risk of Disease and Pests
  • Benefits in Crop Rotation Systems
  • Reduced Animal Toxicities
  • Environmental Acceptability
  • Attractive Pastures
  • Increased Profitability
OSU Match Clover App.

MatchClover is a web-based application to improve the selection of clover species for specific locations, intended uses, and management.

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Better Forage

It has long been recognized that the forage quality of legumes, including clovers, is generally higher than that of most forage grasses.

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