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This is the place for all things clover, especially Oregon Clover. Whether you are a farmer, a rancher, a gardener, or a homeowner looking for a lawn alternative, we’re glad you are here and we hope you will look around!

We will discuss the different types of clover, the many uses of clover, and provide information on where to buy authentic Oregon Clover Seed.

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Using clover as a key to a profitable forage program, watch our video.

types of clover

One of the reasons Oregon is so green, is that we grow a lot of clover. According to the Oregon Agricultural Information Database we are were pretty close to 40,000 acres in 2010 including crimson, red, Arrowleaf and white. Oregon clover farmers grow four main types of clover for seed production: Red Clover, Crimson Clover, White Clover, and Arrowleaf Clover. Please visit our clover pages for in-depth descriptions of each clover type.

why clover

Clover has many uses. Please see our uses pages for more complete information on why clover is so useful. Meanwhile, here is the short answer:

  • Lower Nitrogen Fertilizer Costs
  • Improved Forage Quality
  • Extended Grazing Season in Pastures
  • Increased Forage Yield
  • Reduced Risk of Disease and Insect Pests
  • Benefits in Crop Rotation Systems
  • Reduced Animal Toxicities
  • Environmental Acceptability
  • Attractive Pastures
  • Increased Profitability

The Oregon Clover Commission has gathered and prepared the information contained on these pages. Please visit our Resources page for additional Research information, downloadable publications, and useful links.

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